Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes



Looking for Thanksgiving dessert ideas for this year’s feast?  Well look no further.  I’ve got you covered. Whether you need a dairy free, gluten-free, pumpkin-filled or finger-foodie, sugary table centerpiece, I have three delicious recipes that will cover it all. I’m talking Mini Pumpkin Tarts, Chocolate Coconut Pecan Pies, and Pumpkin Brittle to break off and send home with your guests.  You choose. They’re all sure to blow you and the family/friends away !7069371_orig
This recipe makes 5 mini pies!
Crust:1/2 cup of pecans
1 tablespoon of organic coconut sugar
1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
Salt, to tastePreheat the oven to 400 degrees. Line a cupcake pan with 5 cupcake cups.Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor, until it forms a dough that comes together in your hands. Divide it evenly into 5 cupcake tins, and press the mixture down to make sure it’s tightly packed. Bake for 5-7 minutes or until the crust is browned. Remove from the oven while your making the filling.

Turn the oven down to 275 degrees


1/4 cup of pumpkin puree
2 tablespoon of applesauce
1 egg
1 tablespoon of coconut sugar
1 tablespoon of pure maple syrup
1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
1/4 teaspoon of good vanilla extract
a pinch of salt

5 Jumbo Marshmallows for the topping

Whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl, and then divide the mixture evenly into the cups. Bake the pies at 275 degree for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick is inserted and comes out cleanly. 7142683_orig

Remove the cupcakes, turn the oven up to “Broil” and then top them with a giant marshmallow (cut in half) and place them under the broiler, until toasted. Remove them and enjoy.


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