Dark Rum Blueberry Mojitos


Here’s a fun summer cocktail to try this weekend. What we’ve done is, we’ve taken the traditional mojito–usually made with light (or white) rum, mint, lime, sugar, and soda water–and we’ve swapped some things out and around.

This time we used dark rum!  Then we muddled in lots of blueberries, mint and lime, and topped it with tonic to round it out. And honestly, if it wasn’t for our new Cole and Mason Herb Keeper, our mint would have already wilted by the time we were ready to use it. Lord knows we couldn’t keep herbs alive if someone was paying us to! #shameful

Difference between Dark and Light Rum:

The difference in the final flavor of the drink is pretty significant because of the difference in the flavors of the rum. Dark rum is often times aged in oak barrels that are charred.  Those barrels impart the liquor with some hefty notes that are much richer, and aging it gives the liquor its signature caramel color (think Cab versus Pinot Grigio). Light Rums are light and have subtle sweet flavor notes in comparison, and they’re not usually aged (if they are they’re aged in things like steel casks), but they’re filtered. 


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